Friday, 18 March 2016

Tea Meditation

A tea meditation is a nice meditation to do in the morning or evening when you're drinking a cup of tea. You basically use all of your senses to experience and enjoy your tea. By using all of your senses as you drink the tea and paying attention to them, you stay in the present moment. If thoughts come, just let them float on by and bring your attention back to the tea. Here we go!

Tea Meditation:
Pour yourself a cup of tea. Pick a flavour that you really like and use your favourite mug or tea cup. Smell the tea and take deep breaths of the steam coming from the hot liquid. Feel the warmth of the cup on your hands. Look at the colour and the stillness of the liquid. Take a drink and listen to the sound as you sip the tea. Keep the tea in your mouth for a moment in order to experience the unique flavour. Feel the warmth of the tea in your mouth and as it runs down your throat. Take a moment to feel gratitude for the tea that you are drinking and think of the healing aspects of tea. Imagine the tea spreading to all areas of your body, warming it and healing it. Repeat these steps as you drink the rest of your tea.


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