Monday, 21 March 2016

Awakening Spring 2016 Playlist

I'm so happy that the snow is melting here in Sudbury. Winter is always a difficult time for me because the lack of sunlight seems to affect my mood and motivation and I also have a circulation problem in my feet so staying out in the cold isn't very fun for me. I'm excited for all of the snow to melt and for the flowers to start growing and the leaves to start appearing on the trees again. I'm really really looking forward to spending time outside again; going for walks and sitting on our front porch and planting our garden. I am determined to spend more time outside this year during the spring, summer, and fall than any other year.

Since Spring Equinox was on Sunday, I decided to make a spring playlist for you guys using Spotify so I hope you enjoy my Awakening Spring 2016 Playlist.

I chose songs that I associate with spring. To me, the songs are fresh, pretty, relaxing, and lively. There's a whole mix of different songs so I hope you enjoy!


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