Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My Word For 2016

Just like choosing New Year's resolutions, many people will suggest coming up with a word for the New Year. A word that you will take with you wherever you go. A word that you will keep in your back pocket for those times when you face a challenge. A word that will serve you and help you to accomplish your goals. A word that speaks to you. A word that you need in your life.

I decided to choose a word for 2016. I knew that I needed a strong word to guide me. I have so many plans for this year and I'm not really sure where to begin, or even how. I sometimes have trouble starting things, going after what I want. I needed a word that would give me confidence, determination, and strength. A word that would help me in my goals, but also in the challenges that I face. For 2016, I chose the word BRAVE.

To me, BRAVE means doing things even when they scare me. For me, the word BRAVE reminds me of other words like COURAGE, CONFIDENT, STRONG, ACTION, LEARN, and GROW. The word BRAVE tells me that it's okay to be afraid, but you just can't let that fear stop you. You need to gather up your courage and do or be whatever your heart desires. Through fear, we can be brave, and by being brave, we can grow and become stronger.

Blogging again is one way in which I am being brave. As I explained before, blogging scared me. My perfectionism and lack of knowledge of web design prevented me from posting here on my blog for a long time. I was scared to talk about certain things. I was scared to put myself out there. I was scared that I wasn't good enough. But I decided to start blogging again. I wanted to start blogging again, and so I did. I started talking about the things that I felt needed to be said. I put myself out there and I loved it. It helped me think about things that were bothering me. It helped me think things through, break things down, and learn.

This is just the beginning. I still have the whole year ahead of me and I have so many things that I want to do, many of which scare me. Many of which I could have started a while ago but didn't because fear was holding me back. I'm excited. I feel strong and motivated. I'm going to go and do things and make things happen. That's what BRAVE will do for me. It will guide me and remind me that, to do the things that scare me, I just need to be brave.


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