Monday, 25 January 2016

Year 1 of the Doctor Who:The Tenth Doctor Comics

I received my first Doctor Who comic (published by Titan Comics) for Christmas last year, and since then, I buy the newest ones whenever I see them being sold. Of course, I only read the Tenth Doctor's comics since he's my favourite Doctor. It has been amazing to read these comics, reading about adventures that we never saw during the Tenth Doctor's time on Doctor Who. These adventures take place right after he leaves Donna. He meets a new companion, Gabby Gonzalez, an artistic young lady from New York. It all works in the world of Doctor Who, as well, because since the Doctor can travel through all of time and space, he has many adventures that we never get to see in the TV show. But we get to see them through different ways, one of which is the comics. That is the magic of Doctor Who. We can still enjoy more adventures by all of the Doctors, even after they have already regenerated. Year 1 of these comics was fantastic and I am now enjoying year 2.

This particular story, "The Arts in Space," was one of my favourites from year 1 of the Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor comics. In this story, Gabby and the Doctor visit an art gallery in space, with the Doctor hoping to visit an artist friend of his so he can introduce Gabby to her.

This story, "The Weeping Angels of Mons," was another one of my favourites from year 1. It has the weeping angels (my favourite Doctor Who villains!) in the trenches of World War I. Enough said.


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