Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Favourite Binge-Watch Worthy TV Shows (that are still on the air!)

Hello fellow binge-watchers and TV show fanatics!

Since it is winter, I'm sure that many of you, like me, are stuck inside most of the time. That is, unless you live in a warmer climate, in which case, enjoy your time outside because you guys are lucky. If you are camping inside, however, I thought that I would share my favourite TV shows for you guys to, you know, binge-watch until Spring arrives. I put the list in alphabetical order and included links to the shows' websites. Enjoy!

Agent Carter: By Marvel, this show is about Peggy Carter's adventures with the SSR after WWII and Captain America's "death." Definitely watch the first Captain America movie before watching this show.

American Horror Story: A crazy show where each season is a different horror story in a new location with new characters. It can get pretty gory but the stories are so good!

Bates Motel: The life of Norman Bates (from Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho) as a teenager. The story therefore takes place before the story in the film but it takes place in the modern day rather then during the actual period before the film.

Doctor Who: It's Doctor Who! Seriously, I shouldn't even have to tell you about this one. You should know about it already. If you need a "reminder" about what it's about, then it follows the life of an alien called the Doctor and everyone he meets as he travels through all of time and space in his TARDIS, a time and space machine from his home planet of Gallifrey. Now do you remember?

Jessica Jones: This show is a Netflix series and it is by Marvel. Jessica Jones is incredibly strong, gaining this ability after being in a car accident with her family that died. In the past, she was controlled by Kilgrave, a man with mind control abilities. She escaped but now he is back and he wants her again. Kilgrave is played by David Tennant (who played my favourite Doctor: the 10th Doctor!) so I was excited about this show and enjoyed binge-watching it just to see Tennant's amazing performance as the villain.

Murdoch Mysteries: A great Canadian fiction show about the mysteries that are solved by Detective Murdoch and the Toronto constabulary in the late 1800s and now early 1900s.

Once Upon A Time: Fairy tale characters are alive in the real world, brought there by a curse, and the Saviour (Emma) must save them all!

Outlander: Based on Diana Gabaldon's Outlander novels, this show is about a woman in the 1940s who time travels to the 1740s by touching one of the stones in a special stone circle in Scotland. She then tries to survive in order to somehow try to get back to her own time.

Sherlock: Sherlock Holmes in the modern day. What more can I say? It's awesome.

The Big Bang Theory: A fun comedy centered around scientific geniuses and the experiences that they have in their lives. A good show to watch if you need a break from watching darker and crazier shows.

The Librarians: Following the three movies under the title of The Librarian (Quest for the Spear, Return to King Solomon's Mines, The Curse of the Judas Chalice), the Librarian finds a Guardian as well as several other people who each could have become the Librarian. Together, they must find and protect artifacts from literature and legends. Magic is real, and they know it.

The Muppets: Basically a grown-up reality show version of the Muppets. I see it as their way of making fun of reality shows. The episodes are short and the story is light and comedic so this is another nice show to watch when you need a break from binge-watching all of those deeper, darker series.

Let the binge-watching marathons begin!


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