Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Positive Life: Positive Life Journal

I like writing and I also like art so I wanted to use my two interests to help me record what I learn about living a positive life, work out challenges in my life, let my emotions flow, and celebrate living a positive life. I took a large, thick notebook filled with lined paper and decorated the cover. I decided that I wanted a simple cover so I stuck on some craft foam that has a sticky side and I wrote my name in fancy letters with a heart. On the first few pages, I glued printed information from the internet on various positive life related things. Some ideas for Positive Life Journals are collages, gratitude lists, diary entries, drawings, poetry, and much more! Make your Positive Life Journal truly your own and use it to help you on your journey of living a positive life! Writing this post, I realized that I haven't written in my Positive Life Journal all summer so I'm going to start writing and making art in it again.

Here are some pictures of my Positive Life Journal to give you some inspiration:

I glued a bunch of hearts that I cut out of a flyer the other side of the notebook cover to remind myself to love myself just the way I am.

One idea for your journal is to make happy pages. Basically, just make a collage of a bunch of things that make you happy. You can even make each collage themed! When you're sad, just look at your happy pages and you'll be smiling in no time! I like hiking, biking, camping, and Geocaching so I decided to make an outdoors themed collage with magazine and flyer pictures.


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