Friday, 30 August 2013

Positive Life: Moving Forward

Everyone gets stuck in the rut sometimes. We feel like everyone else is moving forward in life and we're just stuck. We don't have the motivation to do what we want to do and we feel like we're just not getting anywhere. Here are some tips for what to do when you feel like this:

-Make a list of goals: Make a list of goals that you would like to complete. This list could include tasks that you need to complete around your house or for school and projects or new interests that you want to pursue! This list will give you something to work on and will get you moving forward in completing it!

-Mark down important dates, events, and holidays on your calendar: Fill up your calendar! Write down holidays and events that you are attending. You should also include those crazy fun days like Talk Like a Pirate Day or Talk Like Shakespeare Day! When you fill up your calendar, you'll have a visual reminder and you will have things to look forward to and prepare for!

-Continue with a hobby of yours: Take your hobbies and improve upon them or just continue them. Make sure that these hobbies are ones that you really love! You know that you really love a hobby when you would stay up all night working on it if you could! Your hobbies will give you something to concentrate and work on.

-Start a new hobby: Starting new hobbies is fun and exciting! Bring something new into your life and it will surely brighten your day!

-Switch up your routine: When we feel stuck in the rut, often times it's partly because we feel like we're just doing the same things every day. Change your routine and your day won't seem so dull.

I believe you can do it!

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