Tuesday, 27 August 2013

DIY: Lips Wall Art

After seeing various lips artworks, including ones where you actually put on lipstick and kiss the paper, I decided to make my own version using watercolour paints.
I first drew all sorts of different lips all over the paper after gathering inspiration from pictures of lips on the internet. I then proceeded to paint them each a different shade of red, pink, or purple. After I finished painting them, I outlined them in black sharpie. I felt that the corners needed something so I glued two strips of squiggly gold ribbon in each corner of the paper. You can frame your wall art or attach it to the wall like a poster.
I'm going to put my lips wall art by my vanity desk! I don't wear lipstick (or any other kind of makeup) but it will just look nice and it goes with the whole vanity desk theme.


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