Monday, 25 February 2013

Positive Life: Just be Yourself!

People always say “Just be yourself! Don’t pretend to be someone else!” and it is a very good way to live. If we want people to truly love us and be genuinely interested in us, then we must be ourselves even if that means that we act a different way, dress in a different way, or are interested in different things than everyone else. I, personally, have always thought of myself as different and I’m okay with that. I was never in cliques in school and I was always the quiet, shy girl in class. I was interested in different things and I had different hobbies. I wasn’t into the latest fashions and I didn’t wear make-up when all of the other girls started. I still don’t wear make-up just because I didn’t like it then and I don’t like it now and that’s okay. I actually feel that the skin on my face is healthier because of it and I am comfortable with my natural look. I like my natural look and I think that I am pretty without make-up. I was never interested in all of those things so I didn’t push them onto myself and I hung out with people who accepted me and who enjoyed the same things as me. I wanted to be me, not someone else. I didn’t want to do things just to hang out with certain crowds. In high school, I made friends who were interested in the same things as me and liked me the way that I was. I mostly made friends who were artsy and musical like me but I also made friends who were just different like me as well. I still don’t try to act a certain way or hide the way that I am because I know that people will like me better if I am honest about who I truly am inside. When you expose your true self for everyone to see, you will develop better relationships and you will be happier as well.


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