Wednesday, 27 February 2013


I love art! I took art class every year in high school and I loved it so much! I do not find it surprising that I love art as my Mom is talented at art. She took art class every year in high school too and her paintings are hung throughout our house. It was one of her hobbies. My brother also likes art so our family is quite artistic. Our Mom always encouraged my brother and I in art as we grew up and she was always making things with us. We still make things together and we love it! My favourite kind of art is drawing.

Recently, I purchased a pretty day planner on sale at Michaels. It is an Ed Hardy day planner and it is decorated with his artworks. One of his artworks is the cover and then there is a new artwork every month right before the calendar which comes before the agenda pages. I love the artworks so much and I looked at some of his other artworks in Google Images. They are gorgeous. They have bright, vibrant colours and a lot of them include flowers and animals. Don Ed Hardy is a retired American artist who has designed tattoos and created drawings and paintings. There is even clothing based on his artworks.

Here are some pictures of the day planner that I purchased (these are my favourite artworks in the day planner):

This is the cover. It has a sheet of plastic that sits on top to protect it.

When I’m done with the day planner at the end of the year, I’m going to take out all of the artwork prints and frame them because they are all just so pretty!


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