Friday, 22 February 2013

University Life: Using Technology for School

In this day in age, technology is very important and it is at a point where it is fast and easy enough to help us in so many situations so why not use it for school? Yes, technology can be very distracting but it can also help us and make our school life a lot easier! Here are my favourite technologies and programs that I use for school:
  • My Netbook: You see so many university (and high school) students using laptops today and it is no surprise. The cost has gone down a lot in so little time (my very own first laptop for grade 9 in 2007 cost $1000 and now laptops can be as low as $200) that it is easier on our pockets to buy a laptop now but it can still be expensive. I received my little netbook (which I am using right now!) from my great-uncle who had some left over from work (he’s now retired) so he gave one to me and one to my parents. He told me to use it for school to get good grades and I try my best. I use it to type assignments and notes, do research, check my school email, and visit websites that help me with specific classes.
  • My iPod Touch: 
  1. Calendar: I have my calendar on my iPod Touch connected to my Google calendar and it’s great! The calendar can be used to schedule in classes, assignment due dates, test and exam dates, and so much more!
  2. Reminders: Reminders can be used to make a to do list for studying, completing homework, and working on assignments.
  3.  Grades 2 by Tapity, Inc. : I use this app to calculate my grades and averages in each class. It lets you enter the grades for each specific assignment and how much of a percentage of your final mark each assignment is worth.
  • Google Account : Google accounts can be useful for so many things because they have so many different tools. They have so much that I still need to explore my Google account more and try out everything!
  • Evernote : I use Evernote to create and save lecture notes and personal notes. It’s great because you can use it on your computer, laptop, iPod Touch, iPhone, etc and sync it to all of your devices. I use it on my netbook and my iPod Touch. On a computer, you can create audio notes, webcam notes, and to do lists and then organize notes into specific “notebooks”. It’s handy on an IPod Touch as well because you can create notes on the go and add audio and pictures.

Sometimes, pen and paper is the best way to go with certain things in school. Not everyone will use technology for the exact same things. I like to type my notes now using Evernote but I still write some notes down on paper. I also like to use a good old fashioned agenda along with my online calendars and iPod touch reminders because I like to have a physical calendar that I can quickly jot notes on and I like the weekly spaces for assignments in which I can write details about assignments rather than just putting the basics in a virtual calendar and reminder list. It’s up to you how you use technology in your school life (or if you use it at all).


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