Friday, 1 March 2013

Tim Horton's Brier 2013

I don’t really like watching sports. There is one, however, that I love to watch… curling! I love watching it on TV and it’s even better to watch it in person like I did when my family and I went to the Tim Hortons Brier 2011 in London, Ontario. It was amazing! Although I am not a curler, I enjoy learning more and more about the sport. While watching it on TV, it seems that I am always learning something new either from the commentators or the actions of the curlers themselves. Also, we have so many great curlers here in Canada so the games are usually quite exciting. One of my favourite curlers is Glenn Howard and his team (although the team has changed a few times). They are great players and they have curled as Team Ontario in many Briers (they have also won some of those Briers and gone onto the Ford World Men’s Curling Championship where they have won a few times as well). Last year, they won the Brier and went on to win the World Championship! I also always cheer for Team Brad Jacobs because they have represented Northern Ontario in some Briers (I have to support fellow Northern Ontarians!). So, I am definitely hoping that either Team Howard or Team Jacobs win this year’s Brier which starts tomorrow! The Brier is on from March 2nd until March 10th. Go Team Jacobs and go Team Howard! Best of luck to both teams!

Go check out the website for the Tim Horton's Brier, Team Glenn Howard, and Team Brad Jacobs!

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