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90s/Early 2000s Canadian Childhood Nostalgia

I was born in 1993 meaning I was 4 years old in 1997 so I got to experience some of the kiddy goodness from the 90s and also the kiddy goodness from the early 2000s. I am also a Canadian, therefore I didn't just get to experience the kiddy goodness from the 90s and early 2000s, I got to experience Canadian kiddy goodness. Without further ado, let me take you back on a trip down memory lane with some of the things that I remember from my Canadian 90s/early 2000s childhood.

Sugar from YTV's The Zone

Sugar (real name: Stephanie) was a host on YTV's The Zone from 2001-2007. The Zone is an afternoon programming block on YTV where the hosts entertain viewers and also introduce the TV shows that are on the YTV station at that time. 

I remember watching The Zone when I came home from school. I will never forget her high voice! Just watch some old videos of her hosting The Zone on youtube and you will know what I mean. I remember when Sugar hosted The Zone with Pat and then when she hosted it with Carlos once Pat left. I also remember when Sugar left for Hollywood. Apparently Carlos is still the current host.

Concerned Children's Advertisers: "The North American House Hippo" and "Don't You Put It In Your Mouth"

The North American House Hippo:

Don't You Put It In Your Mouth:

These two advertisements, "The North American House Hippo" and "Don't You Put It In Your Mouth," are the ones that I remember most from Concerned Children's Advertisers (now known as Companies Committed to Kids). "The North American House Hippo" was part of their media literacy advertisements and it encouraged kids not to believe everything they see on TV. "Don't You Put It In Your Mouth" was part of their child safety advertisements and it encouraged kids to ask someone they love before putting anything in their mouth. Concerned Children's Advertisers/Companies Committed to Kids also made and still makes other advertisements about various children's issues. 

"The North American House Hippo" is such a neat advertisement because 1) it seems so real and 2) it mentions Canada as the home of the house hippo. It's so funny and cute! I always remember the part about how the house hippo eats "the crumbs from peanut butter on toast." This is such a cool Canadian advertisement that so many people remember! In my opinion, it's one of the best Canadian advertisements ever made. I'm really excited about how you can actually buy house hippo shirts and bags now!

"Don't You Put It In Your Mouth" is a really goofy and kind of creepy advertisement but that's one of the reasons why I remember it so well. The song was so catchy that I can still recite some of the lyrics.

Crosscountry Canada

Crosscountry Canada is a geographical and educational computer game made in 1991 which you can now play online for free! Basically, you drive around Canada in a truck and you have a sort of mission where you have to pick up certain items and bring them back to certain certain cities. To do this, however, you have to type in the commands (for example: drive north, look at map, go to gas station, etc.).

We had this game on the computers at my elementary school. I remember how annoying it was to have to type in the commands. After playing it recently, I got so frustrated because I couldn't remember the commands that you have to type in and the game kept telling me that it didn't understand or when wanting to go in a certain direction, it kept telling me that I couldn't go that way. Seeing a hitchhiker was always exciting, however, and it's cool how the game would give you a little safety warning before picking up the hitchhiker.

Sharon, Lois, & Bram


Sharon, Lois, & Bram formed in Toronto in 1978 and they have been entertaining kids ever since! Their singing is unforgettable, especially "Skinnamarink." Apparently Sharon and Bram still perform together but Lois left the group in 2000.

Well, thanks for strolling down memory lane with me! If you're a Canadian 90s/early 2000s child, I hope this brought back memories!


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