Thursday, 19 February 2015

Start Over, Whenever You Like!

Why, hello there! Let me begin with no, I have not forgotten about my blog and my big plans to do more blogging. This year has simply had... a rough start. New years are supposed to be fresh starts but, really, we can have a fresh start any time we like! Start over, start anew, restart, begin again (words are fun!). There is no specific time for starting over! You can do it anytime you like! You just have to make up your mind to do it!

Here are three steps for getting started:

1) Talk to someone or write in a journal: If you're really stuck on something from the past or if there's just something that is really bugging you that you are having trouble letting go of, talk to someone about it or write about it in a journal. I find that when I talk to someone or write about something that's bugging me, it's as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Sometimes we have to reflect on something and let it all out in order to release it.

2) Clear your mind: Move on, reflect, forgive, forget, let go, relax... do what you need to do in your mind to start over. Live in the present and think about the now. Choose to start over. Meditation is great for this!

3) Make a list/plan: Take a piece of paper (Yes, an actual piece of paper! Not your phone or your computer! Paper!) and write down what you want to change. This could be a list of things that you want to start or things that you've been stuck on. Basically, you want to plan out the things that you want or want to do right now in your life. Once you have written your list/plan, put it on a wall, bulletin board, fridge or some other place where you will see it often. Here are some examples for your list/plan: become better organized, meditate everyday, figure out a good exercise routine, eat healthier, blog more...

Well, happy new year and here's to starting over! Cheers!

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