Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gratitude List: My Gratitude in Photos!

Lately, I've been really busy with school and the weather has been very dreary. Yesterday, I decided to make the day fun and be very positive and the weather actually ended up being pretty nice! I took photos throughout the day to make a sort of photo journal. I guess it could be a gratitude photo journal! Here we go:

I wanted to start the day off right beginning with breakfast so I had some cocoa puff cereal with vanilla almond milk topped with sliced bananas, sliced strawberries, and cut up marshmallows! It makes me think of a sundae!

I also had mint green tea with my breakfast! The bonus is that both green tea and peppermint tea are super healthy!

I went for a walk with this cutie pie (Finnlegh!) in the morning and then again in the evening!

I had leftover pizza for lunch and found out that although I do not like olives when I eat them all by themselves, they aren't too bad on pizza.

I read a chapter of The Great Gatsby while on the city buses to go to school at the university.

Once I arrived at school, I went up to the reading room in our library (it's really nice and super quiet there!) to continue reading Richard III  which I have been reading and have to catch up on for my Shakespeare class.

I love yoga class and was really thankful for it today after receiving my midterm exam back in my French general linguistics class which I didn't do so well on. There were other students who didn't do so well either and we still have other assignments, our presentations, and the final exam for improving our mark in the class so I'm not letting it bother me. It was a tough exam to study for but now I know what to expect for the final exam! I was happy to get to wear one of my new yoga tops to yoga class today and I'm glad that I wore this tank top because I really worked up a sweat!

In the evening, I made yummy rainbow cupcakes! This happened from around 9PM and onward. I know, who bakes at that time?! Obviously, I do...

I am so grateful for yesterday and I hope you enjoyed looking through my gratitude photo journal! You should try putting together your own! It's super fun!

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