Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Positive Life: Sunflowers and Gratitude

I'm a big fan of Vincent Van Gogh. He's one of my favourite artists! I saw some of his paintings at the Art Institute of Chicago while on a band trip to Chicago, Illinois and it was incredible to be in a room with some of his paintings, one of which was his bedroom painting!

I decided to buy this cute kit called Van Gogh's Sunflowers In-A-Box when I found it in a dollar store for 3 dollars. I was pretty amazed when I saw how much this kit usually costs! The kit came with the pieces to make the sunflowers, the box which is used as the base, and a little book about Vincent Van Gogh and his sunflowers. It was fun to put together the sunflowers and I now have them sitting on my desk (AKA my "office").

In the little book, there was one piece of information about Van Gogh and his sunflowers that I love. It says that for Van Gogh, sunflowers were a symbol of gratitude. I think that that is beautiful and since gratitude is so important to me, it means so much to me that my favourite artist saw sunflowers as a symbol of gratitude. It also makes me view his sunflowers differently. A lot of people simply think of Van Gogh as a very depressed man but there was obviously so much more to him than anyone could ever know or understand. He was complex and he viewed the world differently, as all great artists do. In his paintings, we can see through his eyes and appreciate the beauty of life.


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