Wednesday, 18 September 2013

University Life: For Literature and Library Lovers

Here are some links for the following people:
-People who love literature
-People who are studying English literature in school (like me!)
-People who love libraries
-People who dream of becoming librarians

Okay, on with the links!

At The Libraries on mental_floss : At The Libraries is a section on mental_floss where Miss Kathleen shares library and book related links.

Literary Traveler : Literary Traveler is a website where the people who run it explore literature and writing as they travel.

Forgotten Bookmarks : Forgotten Bookmarks is a website where a used and rare bookseller shares what he finds in the books that he buys. Examples include: photographs, recipes, letters, and many more fascinating and strange finds.

Poetry Daily : A new poem every day

Book-A-Minute Classics : Classic books are summarized in just a few sentences. So funny!

The History of English

This is a funny video all about the history of the English language. So good!


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