Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Best Travel Tips

Here are some of my very best travel tips! I hope these help you during your next vacation! I've split them up into these categories: food, hotels, activities, and souvenirs.

-At restaurants, order a glass of water as your drink to save money: At most restaurants, a glass of water is free! Sometimes they even add a slice of lemon!

-If the restaurant meals are huge, share meals with your travel buddies: Some restaurants give huge meals (this has happened to my family a lot while on trips to the U.S.) so share meals. This is a great tip for people who have a hard time finishing a huge meal (like me!) and it's also great for saving money.

-Have a picnic instead of going to a restaurant: Bring a cooler bag along or get a foam cooler and go to a grocery store during your trip to stock up on sandwich supplies, salad supplies, snacks, and drinks. This will save some money and it will be a nice change from always going to restaurants.

-If you bring your pillow with you when you travel, keep it in a brightly coloured pillow case so you don't forget it in the hotel room: My brother forgot his pillow in a hotel during one of our trips because it was a white pillow in a white pillow case and all of the hotel pillows were white so it blended in. If your pillow is in a brightly coloured pillow case, it will stand out from the hotel pillows and you will remember it when you leave. I have three pillow cases that I use; a bright yellow one with white flowers and leaves, a bright pink one with hearts, and a bright purple one with butterflies.

-Before you leave, take the free soap, shampoo, hand lotion, tea or coffee (if you like coffee, unlike me), and pen from your hotel room: Hey, they're free! It saves you money on soap when you get back and, if you're like me, you're always in need of pens. The hotel gives them to you to use and they are meant to be used or taken because the housekeeper is going to put new ones in the room.

-Take advantage of the free services and perks at your hotel: Drink that free tea, coffee (maybe you like it more than me), or hot chocolate. Use that free wifi. Eat that free continental breakfast. Before going to bed, watch those TV channels that maybe you don't get back home. Relax and enjoy!

-Look for free activities to do to save money: Instead of just doing activities that can cost a lot of money, include some free activities in your trip. In some cities, there are museums and concerts that you can go to for free. Some other ideas are a trip to the beach, going for a walk around the city, or going for a hike on a trail. Do a Google search before your trip to find some free things to do at your travel destination.

-Use coupons to save money: You can find coupons online or you can even find coupon booklets in some cities. You can also often find coupons at your hotel.

-Only buy things that you really want or need: This is my rule when buying souvenirs on a trip. I like saving my money and spending it wisely so I only buy souvenirs that I really want, things that I need, or things that I want or need that are much cheaper than back home.

-Make a list of things that you need or want to buy before going on your trip: Do you need some new pants? Are there some books that you've been really wanting to buy? Bring a list with you on your trip and look out for these items. You might find some good sales or cheaper prices than back home. Everything seems to be more expensive in Canada than in the U.S. so my family loves shopping in the U.S.!

Enjoy your travels!

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