Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday Smiles: August 19, 2013

This post is part of my Monday Smiles series. Most people dislike Mondays. But why? Monday is the start to a new week! Think of it as a fresh start! It's so exciting! To help make everyone see how wonderful Mondays are, I started this Monday Smiles series! In each post, I share a few things that make me smile because there are always tons of reasons to smile on any day of the week!
To see the other posts in this series, you can find them through the Monday Smiles tag or you can find the whole list of them in the Positive Life tab at the top of my blog.

What makes me smile?

My family's golden retriever, Finnlegh with his Elizabethan collar and his inability to keep his eyes open during the camera's flash. 
He just got neutered on Friday and needs to wear the collar so that he doesn't lick his stitches.

My small golden retriever collection. 
I just arranged it in this way yesterday after cleaning the top of my set of drawers that you see in the picture.

My bright blue and green brush.

This fun booklet of comics that I got for free during our trip to Michigan last week.

New hats that I got during our Michigan trip.

My 10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver that I received from my brother for my birthday in July. 
It always makes me smile!

The pretty roses in my family's backyard.

Eating the wild raspberries that grow on a bush in my family's backyard. Yum!

Channeling my inner child and playing with Play-Doh.
I made a cinnamon roll just like I used to when I was little and I made a weird little monster.

I also made this fun gif just to remind you to smile!
make a gif at
gif maker at
(This was my first time making a gif and it was lots of fun! I used and I think it worked out well.)

Happy Monday!

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