Thursday, 1 August 2013

DIY: Fern Leaf Stamped Wall Hanging

I decided to have some fun and try stamping using leaves. For this project, I used fern leaves because we have tons of ferns growing around Northern Ontario and I just had to go to the back of my backyard to find some of these beauties. The wall hanging turned out pretty and I like the nature feel that it brings to the house.

First, I found some ferns and picked one of the plants. I took the leaves off of the stem. I wanted to use a different leaf for each leaf stamp. For the stamping, I took a leaf and painted the front of it with acrylic paint. Then, I pressed the leaf, painted face down, onto the spot on the piece of the paper where I wanted the stamp to be. Once I had pressed the leaf down enough, I carefully peeled it off of the paper. I repeated the process to achieve the design seen in the final product. I wanted my stamps to be simple and just point upwards side by side but you can arrange the stamps any way you like. Also, remember that the stamps don't have to turn out perfectly. Plenty of mine smudged or didn't have enough paint and they still turned out great. Below, you can see the stamping process in photos:

Take leaf off of stem.

Paint the front of the leaf.

Press the leaf, painted face down, onto the desired location of the paper.

Peel the leaf off and your stamp is complete!

I made three panels of stamped leaves using square pieces of white paper using three different colours. Once I was finished, I made holes in the four corners of the first and second panels and in the top corners of the third panel using a hole puncher. I tied the panels together by knotting white thread through the holes. I then tied the top panel to a branch and tied some white string to the top of the stick to create a hanger.

I hope you enjoy adding a little bit of nature to your home!

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