Friday, 2 August 2013

DIY: Beaded Bracelets

Here is how you can make some dainty beaded bracelets! I made the fish bracelet for myself and the turtle bracelet for my mom (both seen in the photo above). In the step-by-step photos is the butterfly bracelet that I made for my grandma for her birthday. These bracelets make lovely gifts!

1. Cut a long strand of clear plastic string. Slide a jewelry clasp onto the string and slide it to the center.

2. Slide a large bead all the way to the clasp by putting both strings through the hole of the bead.

3. Slide 15 seed beads onto each of the two strings.

4. Slide a large bead onto the string by putting both strings through the hole of the bead.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the bracelet is long enough for the wearer's wrist. This process is seen in photos starting with the photo above and continuing for the next three photos.

6. Attach the end jewelry clasp by tying it onto the string and knotting the string.

7. Add some hot glue to the knots at the end clasp to ensure that the knots don't come loose.

The bracelet is complete!

You can use any colours and patterns for the seed beads and you can use any beads for the large beads as long as they aren't too big.


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