Thursday, 18 July 2013


Continuing with my obsession with Doctor Who, here is how you can turn a dark blue hair bow into a TARDIS hair bow!

I had a dark blue faux leather hair bow clip and I thought that it would look neat if it had a white outline of the TARDIS on it. I used white duct tape and cut a strip. With a pencil, I drew the outline of the TARDIS onto the strip of duct tape (I used a very basic outline of the TARDIS, you can just copy the outline that I used). Once I had my outline drawn, I cut out the whole thing and then proceeded to cut out the rectangle and the squares. Since duct tape is incredibly sticky, it can be difficult to cut everything out, especially the rectangle and squares so make sure that you cut everything out slowly and carefully. This requires patience. Once everything was cut, I stuck the image onto the hair bow, being careful to stick it along the folds.

There you go! Now you can make your own TARDIS hair bow!


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