Wednesday, 17 July 2013

DIY: TARDIS Themed iPod Touch

It's official! Doctor Who is now one of my favourite TV shows! I have become obsessed with it! The characters and the story are amazing! I'm in the fourth season right now. Out of the three doctors (9, 10, and 11) that they have had, I have only seen the first two so far. Out of all of them though, I must say that I prefer the 10th doctor who was played by David Tennant. His appearance just fits the doctor's personality so perfectly and he is so funny!

As with any obsession of mine, I've been wanting to make some DIYs that are Doctor Who themed. Since my iPod touch case is dark blue, I decided to decorate it like the TARDIS! I used white multi-use label stickers and with a pencil, I drew the shapes of the squares and the rectangle that you see on the TARDIS. In the rectangle, I wrote 'POLICE BOX' and I left the letters white, colouring around them with a black sharpie so that the rest of the rectangle was black. For the two top squares, I drew the lines in blue sharpie and I left the third white square that is on the left side blank. The rest of the squares needed to be blue so I just cut them so that the iPod case would show through the center of them and they would look like white outlines of squares. Once everything was cut out, I carefully erased any pencil marks that were still showing, arranged the shapes on the iPod case and, once happy with the arrangement, I removed the paper backing of the labels and stuck them on. This is obviously a more simple version of the TARDIS. It was a quick and easy DIY and I am happy with the results. You can make your iPhone or other type of cell phone into a TARDIS too as long as you have the right coloured case.

To really make my iPod into a TARDIS, I decided to add some TARDIS wallpapers to the screens. For the lock screen, I have a picture of the outside of the TARDIS and for the home screen, I have a picture of the inside of the TARDIS.

I also wanted the alerts on my iPod to be the sounds of the TARDIS so I downloaded this free TARDIS ringtone. I use the TARDIS sounds as the alarms that I set for various reasons. You can also download other free Doctor Who ringtones on the same website so look around and find other ones that you like. 

Have fun making your own iPod or cell phone into a TARDIS!
Oh, and have you taken a look around the TARDIS yet? You can do so right here! The TARDIS is amazing!


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