Friday, 19 July 2013

DIY: TARDIS Bookmark

Here's a Doctor Who craft that is good for school or just for those who love reading... a TARDIS bookmark!

This TARDIS design is very simple. I drew the TARDIS (with the squares and rectangle and everything) on blue card stock and cut it out. I glued it to black card stock (so that the bookmark would be thicker and tougher and it would have a black back). I cut three squares out of white paper for the top three squares and glued those onto where I had drawn those squares. I also cut out a small white rectangle for the light at the top of the TARDIS. I then drew the criss cross lines on the light and the two top squares and I also traced the outlines of the remaining squares. Next, I cut a rectangle out of black paper for the sign at the top and wrote 'POLICE PUBLIC CALL BOX' on it with a white coloured pencil and glued the sign to where I had drawn it. Lastly, I carefully erased any remaining pencil marks and trimmed any sides that needed some extra trimming.

I hope you enjoy making your own TARDIS bookmark!


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