Friday, 19 July 2013

The Signature Series on CBC Music

There is a great series on CBC Music called The Signature Series. They basically took the key signatures in music and made them like the Zodiac signs. Each key signature has a specific title and a brief written description. They also each have a recording that describes the kind of person that the key signature would be while playing music that uses the key signature.

Here's how I figured out which key signature I am:
-I looked through the titles associated with the key signatures and picked the ones that I thought might describe me.
-I read the written descriptions and, if I thought it described me, I listened to the recording.
-I listened to recordings until I found one that described me.

I knew when I had found my key signature because, not only did it describe me perfectly, but the music really suited my taste and I really felt it. It just sounded like me.

I identify most with D-flat Major: The Free Spirit. From the recording, I found out that D-flat Major is a dreamer who still sees the world through the eyes of a child. She sees beauty in everything and is intent on taking in all sorts of information and discoveries. Matters of the heart and soul are important to her and she enjoys solitude. She enjoys reading and writing and loves the outdoors. This definitely sounds like me!

Which key signature are you?

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