Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Positive Life: The Power of Laughter

Don’t you just feel great when you laugh? It boosts our mood and just leaves you feeling fantastic. It makes you smile and makes you feel happy. It is such a great way to start or end the day because it leaves you in a good mood. I love laughing! I myself can be very bubbly when talking to people. I find that when I am bubbly, I laugh and giggle more and I feel happier. I like telling silly stories to people and laughing along with them as they tell me silly stories of their own. Laughter is contagious. So, we should really laugh more!

Check out the health benefits of laughter in helpguide.org’s article, Laughter is the Best Medicine

Here are some funny videos that I make me laugh every time I see them. Enjoy!

Amy’s Grocery Hidden Camera Prank (on the Ellen DeGenerous Show): 

Amy’s in Another Haunted House (on the Ellen DeGenerous Show):

Animator vs. Animation: 

Danny Bhoy on national symbols:

Keep laughing!

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