Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Positive Life: Happiness Boost

There are times in everyone’s lives when we feel down and need a burst of happiness and lovely positive energy to radiate through our bodies and minds. Here are some ways that we can get a happiness boost when we really need it which can help us feel amazing and ready to take on whatever comes at us!

It’s no secret that we feel happier during the summer months. This is because there is more sunlight during this time. I personally know that, living in Northern Ontario, I feel more gloomy and unmotivated during the winter months but in the summer, I feel great! Not too long ago, we had a nice sunny day with lots of sunlight shining through the windows so I sat in front of the window and let my skin soak up some vitamin D. I felt fantastic afterwards! So whenever the sun peeks out, get out there and allow a healthy amount of sunshine to soak into your skin and feel the glorious warmth of happiness!

We may feel sore afterwards but we feel great after exercising, am I right? Exercise releases endorphins which combat stress. So, go for a jog, a hike, or a swim. You could go to some kind of class for a physical activity like I go to Kung Fu. I always feel great after a one hour class of Kung Fu!

Allow both your body and brain to rest a bit. If you’re feeling stressed out, just get some sleep and you will wake up rejuvenated!

Don’t you just feel great after a nice, long laugh? Watch some comedy movies, some videos of a comedian or just spend time with one of your own comedic friends. It will help you forget your worries and smile!

Taking deep breaths will help you relax and clear your mind. Concentrate on the present moment and your breathing. This will force you to forget about everything else for a little while.

Pamper Yourself
Take a warm shower, get a haircut, or have a spa day at home. There are so many possibilities for pampering yourself and you feel so refreshed afterwards!

Tackle your To Do List
Do you have a large to do list or something that you've been putting off for a while? Just complete the task! Start by working on it a little bit at a time and then get right into it. Once you’re finished, you’ll feel great about finally having it done and it will give you a burst of positive energy from how proud you will be of yourself!

Check out this previous blog post that I wrote about completing large tasks for some tips: Staying Organized: Completing Large Tasks

Accomplish a Goal
Doesn’t it feel great to accomplish a goal? The sense of pride after finishing and the happiness and fun that you have while you complete the goal are great mood boosters!

Change Your Routine
Routines are great but it can sometimes get boring doing the same thing every day. Switch it up! This will stimulate your mind and leave you feeling happy.


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