Wednesday, 6 July 2016

A Place To Go During Meditation

You may have listened to recorded meditations that suggested imagining a place in which you could meditate. Maybe it even walked you through a visualization in which you were told to imagine a certain setting, certain sounds, certain weather, etc. In this case, you already know what I'm talking about when I say that it can be very beneficial to imagine yourself meditating in a relaxing setting completely different from the one that you're in. Maybe this is just an entirely new concept to you. That's fine too.

If I were to choose a place to imagine myself meditating in, I would choose the lounge of Killarney View House, a bed and breakfast in Killarney, Ireland. You may remember that I have mentioned the peat-fed fire at Killarney View House before. My family and I stayed in this bed and breakfast for a few nights while we were in Killarney and the rooms were fine but what impressed me the most were the public spaces in the building like the entrance with the front desk and a table with flowers, the breakfast dining room, and the front porch. It was even fun just to walk down the nice hallways. The lounge, however, was my favourite place there.

There were couches, tables, and pretty decor. There was a door that led out onto the front porch but it was too wet to go out and sit there during our stay. The large windows looked out over the river and there were drinks like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate available along with yummy cookies. In the evening, the staff would light the fireplace and feed it with peat, dried bricks of interesting soil that are well-known in Ireland.

I didn't take any photos of the room at night but let me just tell you that it was cozy and magical. I loved spending time there in the evenings. If I ever go back to Killarney, Ireland, I would definitely stay at Killarney View House just because of the lounge.

I didn't actually meditate in the lounge while I was there but that doesn't mean that I can't imagine myself meditating there! It was such a beautiful and relaxing place and I always think back to it with fondness and remembrance. When imagining yourself meditating somewhere, it doesn't actually have to be a place where you have been or seen before. It can be a place completely created from your imagination. Whether it exists in real life or in your imagination, it is important to not only imagine what it looks like but to also engage all of your senses when thinking of it. What sounds are there? What smells are there? What do you feel around you? Make it real in your mind and enjoy a blissful meditation!

Where do you go in your mind when you meditate? Or do you just choose to stay where you are?


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