Friday, 12 September 2014

Completed Goals: Grow my Nails

A goal that I have had for a very long time has been to grow my nails. Since I was a kid, I've chewed and picked at my nails. I've had people encourage me to grow my nails and I've really wanted to but I would always just keep chewing them or picking at them and they would always be short because of that.

I noticed that I didn't chew or pick at my nails when I wore nail polish so I have tried that a few times but I would just start again when the nail polish wore off. In August, I put on nail polish and left it on until it started wearing off and then I took it off. I saw that my nails had grown quite a bit while the nail polish was on and then I just kept letting them grow. I finally broke the habit. The photo above is what my nails look like now. My nails haven't been this long for a while. I love them!

It feels so good to finally accomplish this goal!

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