Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Positive Life: Dealing with Thoughts of the Past

Many people let the past bother them and I admit that I am one of those people. Sometimes I suddenly cringe because I'm thinking about an experience from the past that I could have went about differently. Maybe I could have said something in a better way or I could have done something completely different and it bothers me! I always have to remind me that the past is in the past; it's over.

Now, there are some choices that we have when thinking about parts of the past that bother us. We can either forget about it or we can learn from it. It depends on the situation. If it's something that is worth remembering because it teaches a lesson, then definitely learn from it. If it's something silly that isn't that big of a deal, then just forget about it and don't let it bother you.

Even when bad things have happened to me in the past like frustration, anger, and sadness, I try to see if there's anything that I learned from the experience. If it was just something that I'd rather forget, then I try my best to forget about it and not let it bother me.

To forget about things, I just dismiss them from my mind right away and think about other things or I go do something to keep me busy. When learning from an experience, I see if there are answers to questions like "Is there something that I now know because of this experience?", "Did it lead to another experience that was better therefore the bad experience was the journey to the new, better experience?", or "Has this experience helped me be prepared for similar experiences in the future?".

Whenever I remember something from the past that bothers me, I always keep in mind that the past is important and we must not entirely forget about it.

Just remember, no matter what, keep moving forward and don't let the past stop you from doing so!


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