Saturday, 21 June 2014

Happy Summer! It's been a while...

Happy Summer! I'm so glad that it's finally Summer and that it's warmer and things are winding down. Our winter was pretty harsh this year. The snow took a long time to melt (it just kept snowing!) and then it rained a lot. I finished my university exams in April and I'm happy with my marks. My third year of university is finished and I am looking forward to the fourth year of my undergrad. On Monday, I'm going to be teaching the last piano lessons of the school year and I am excited about that too. I bought cute stickers and pencils for my students. The pencils have erasers on top and there are three themes: animals, bugs, and dinosaurs. I kept a stegosaurus pencil and eraser for myself because that's my favourite dinosaur and I gave a cow pencil and eraser to my brother because he likes cows. The last piano lessons are going to be group lessons and I'm going to get my students to talk about how the recital was for them and what they're doing during the summer. They'll also get to play songs for each other (fun!) and then I might play a song for them (super fun!). The recitals went well and having to play at the several recitals that we had (because of the large amount of students) helped me get over my stage fright a bit so I am really happy about that!

I have clearly been busy with school, teaching piano, and my family has also been moving into what used to be my grandparents' house (right next door, but still, there has been a lot of stuff to move over and a lot of work to do) so I haven't had a whole lot of time for blogging. Also, I have been kind of stuck on what to write about and what to do for the header and layout for my blog. I want to get my header and layout organized before I really start blogging and I have just been procrastinating on everything about this blog. My plan is to therefore organize the layout, make a new header, and then really start blogging again.

Stay tuned for my new plans for my blog!

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