Saturday, 16 March 2013

Favourite Finnish and Irish Foods

Happy St. Urho’s Day! With St. Urho’s Day being today and St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, I thought it would be nice to share some links to some Finnish and Irish recipes, just in case you want to make something special for St. Urho’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day! I’m going to make some Finnish pancakes tonight for my family. Yes, Finnish pancakes for supper! I’m kind of the Finnish pancake chef in my family… the past few times that we’ve had Finnish pancakes, I was the person that made them but I like making Finnish pancakes and I like eating them so it’s all good! Yay, Finnish pancakes!

Well, here are some recipe links. Enjoy!


·         Finnish Pancakes : There are variations to the amounts of ingredients that you put in Finnish pancake batter (so if you look at other Finnish pancake recipes, they will probably be a bit different) but the ingredients are always the same. One of my aunts doesn’t even measure out the ingredients; she just puts in whatever amounts she thinks are good enough. I like to measure out my ingredients (I don’t trust myself to measure out ingredients just with my eyes) so I use a recipe from a cookbook. Finnish pancakes are thin like crêpes and super yummy! They are my favourite type of pancake! The batter will be very runny but that is normal (that’s why the pancakes are so thin). I make small pancakes and then I pile them on a plate. You can add maple syrup, icing sugar, whipped cream, fruits, and berries! The possibilities for dressing up your Finnish pancakes are endless! YAY, FINNISH PANCAKES!

·         Mojakka : This website is entirely dedicated to Mojakka! I tried Mojakka at the famous Hoito restaurant in Thunder Bay, Ontario and it is so yummy! Mojakka is a type of soup that includes beef or fish, potatoes, and can also include carrots, celery, and onions. On this website you can learn all about Mojakka and find recipes for it! There’s even a recipe for the Mojakka that the Hoito restaurant makes!

The Hoito Restaurant is a great Finnish restaurant to visit so check out the website for the Finlandia Club that the Hoito Restaurant is a part of.


·         Potato Pancakes : My brother, grandma, and I made Irish potato pancakes once and they were different but very good! They are not just a breakfast food either; you can have them with any meal!

·         Soda Bread : This website is entirely dedicated to Irish soda bread! On this website you can learn all about Irish soda bread and find recipes for it! Add soda bread to any meal!


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