Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Winter Wonderland

Snow is so pretty in photos. The only problem is that it's cold. On this particular day, the morning temperature was -25 degrees Celsius but, by the time my mom, dog, and I went outside to snap these photos, the temperature had risen to -15 degrees Celsius because of the sun. It was still cold though but it was mostly my hands that got cold.

What is the trick to dressing for the Northern Ontario winter weather, you might ask? My answer is to bundle up. Layer your clothing and wear a good toque, good socks, and good mittens or gloves. A neck warmer or scarf might be smart too. Also, wear appropriate winter boots and a warm winter coat. Don't go outside in the cold wearing just a sweater like I did. Unless you're taking photos of your outfit. Even then... just, wear a coat, ok?

Oh, and if you wear glasses, I can guarantee you that they will fog up as soon as you go back inside your house. Happens every time.

A big thank you to my mom who agreed to go out in the cold and the snow to take these photos of me!


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